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"My work is a game, a very serious game".

M.C Escher

Wessam Matouk


From Hobby to Profession

Using hand-drawn optical illusion artworks as my medium, I have gained recognition for my exceptional talent in crafting artworks that effortlessly captivate any viewer. My artistic journey started in early 2016, initially as a hobby. Fueled by a determined passion, this hobby blossomed into a fully-fledged profession.

Based in Amsterdam, I take great pride in being a self-taught artist who specialises in creating geometric art, and today, I am the proud owner of WSM-arts—an exemplar of dedication, skill, and artistic journey, where I provide design services next to creating art.


Fineliners, regulars, compasses and markers are the tools used by Wessam Matouk to create his artworks.

My academic background in Geology laid the foundation for my early artistic works. The artistic legacy of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher served as a trigger, inspiring me to create complicated geometric drawings using the most fundamental tools: a simple pencil, a triangular ruler, and a compass. 

With great dedication, each of my creations is carefully hand-crafted, where I intend to not only reveal the aesthetic art pieces and mathematical precision of lines but also to incorporate narratives, express different perspectives, and mirror contemporary reflections that resonate within society.

Currently, I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Finance & Control at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This new academic journey coexists with my engagement as a creative entrepreneur in the Dutch creative industry.

On this website, I am pleased to present a selection of my works, allowing you to immerse yourself in the finesse of crafted hand-drawn artworks that resonate with sharpness and depth.


Customized album cover made by Wessam Matouk.

A project with Remi J. Edson, a Lithuanian jazz, classical flutist and composer to design a cover for a new debut album, “HYDRA”

Customized album cover made by Wessam Matouk.

A project with Willem Janssen, a Dutch producer/songwriter, to design the “Waveheart” album cover.

Featured in:

Ben&Jerry's (UK) x WSM-arts
Stedelijk Museum x WSM-arts
Ben&Jerry's (GR) x WSM-arts

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